Artifact #2 ~ Vimy Ridge Map

Map of Vimy Ridge which Belonged to the Canadian Corps After the Battle in April 1917

The image to the left is a map of the entirety of North Western Europe, indicating the situation of Vimy Ridge which is noted as “Canada’s most celebrated military victory” (Foot, Richard). Throughout this battle, Canada fought as part of the larger British effort and were ordered to gain power over Vimy Ridge, which was known to be a very strategic area throughout Europe for the military. With Canadian colonization of Vimy Ridge it would provide them with high ground which would provide a good vantage point to overlook the entire war. According to a Canadian observer during the war, “more of the war could be seen (atop Vimy Ridge) than from any other place in France” (Foot, Richard). The main purpose of this source is to demonstrate how this area was a “defining moment for Canada, when the country emerged from under the shadow of Britain and felt capable of greatness” (Cook, Tim). By colonizing this area, Canada became more internationally reputable as their troops were known to be more successful, as they were able to claim victory. 

This map is valuable as it clearly pinpoints the area in France and throughout Europe which the Canadian troops gained power over. Although it was a hard battle, it shows how Canada was able to claim success over this area, which gave, and continues to “[give] them, a sense of national pride and the reputation of being an elite fighting force,” which demonstrates professionalism and capability (Cranny, Michael). Contrarily, this source is also limited as it doesn’t explain how Canadians were able to gain power over this land, neither does it show the physical features, including the size or land characteristics of Vimy Ridge, hence not completely demonstrating Canada’s success. 

Overall, this source indicates the modernization of Canada throughout the war as it shows how they were able to claim victory in the Battle at Vimy Ridge which was a major factor contributing to their nationalism and pride. Furthermore, throughout this battle, different military-based weapons and artillery were generated, showing how it led to both technological and military-based progress throughout Canada. 

Word Count: 350

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